Thursday, May 5, 2011

Zette- where I live it's like pretty much impossible to find sushi.  I don't know of any place that sells it.  And flavored almond milk.  I've only found original.

A forgot and had to do a speaker showcase (whatever that is) and so I left.  I had sent her a message and she said that like an hour later.  So I went to the bank, insurance company (got a check for $50 to pay for the locksmith when I locked the keys in the car but my dad has to cash it because the policy is in his name so they had to write the check to him), the I went and got lost.  My mom gave me shitty directions and basically told me how to find a strip club and the ghetto.  Just where I wanted to go.  Apparently my mom thinks I should be a stripper.  That was the closest thing to a temp service on that street.  Got lost some more (still in the ghetto).  And found a hardware store.  Paid $65 to get a key made for the car.  My parents had been bitching at me to get one made.  I never did because Walmart said no the time I went there and I never wanted to pay any other place to because I knew it would cost a way to much money.  My mom got pissed when she found out how much the key cost.  I told her it was going to be expensive but she didn't believe me.  I get out of the ghetto and to Target and wander around.  I found a workout shirt.  I like it a lot.  It's blue with a little black.  It's an XS but it's like the athletic wear sizes so it should fit.  It would be like a M in junior clothes sizes.  I found some shoes too.  Converse One Stars.  Purple with some pink.  I like them a lot.  And I bought some leave-in conditioner and a deep conditioning creme.  Then went to a different store.  Bought some picture frames.  My dad had some old papers he was wanting to frame and sell or something like that.  Then to Walmart.  I bought some food and a plant for my mother for Mother's day.  Then I went to a grocery store and bought more food.  And then I put gas in the car and went home.  I got home and hour ago (4:30) and ate after putting stuff away.  I hadn't eaten until then.  I had some chocolate and a brownie and milk.  So like 600 cal.  And supper will be like 350 cal.  So since I exercised I shouldn't do too bad.  I'm tired.  It's been kind of a long day.  I woke up before the alarm on my phone went off.  I laid in bed until it did and then got up.  I've got a tae bo DVD and I think I'll try doing that tomorrow.  I usually don't last too long before I need to take a break.  I'm going to try to keep moving though.  Marching in place or something when I need to catch my breath.  That way I keep moving.  I hope I wake up a little lighter tomorrow.  I was 120 today.  I need to see 119.  I might shower after supper so I can purge.  It would make my intake and net less then.  I ramble a lot.  I have a bunch of stuff I want to do yet.  Most of it probably won't get done today.  At least I didn't pig out today like I have been doing.  Hopefully tomorrow will be good.


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