Saturday, May 21, 2011

This will be fairly quick.  I'm not going to take the diet pills this weekend because I don't want to start feeling sick and actually end up sick and be too busy to eat/go puke.  I didn't take the PM one last night either.  I'll take a PM one Sunday night and start again with the AMs on Monday morning.  I may or may not be able to weigh this weekend.  I have taken diet pills before.  I've taken Stacker II and III and Slim Quick and another one (Lipo 6 maybe? - I don't remember) and none of those ever cause problems like making me feel sick like the QuickTrim did.  And I will probably not get a chance to read too many blogs.  The few I do get a chance to read I probably won't comment on.  In case you were wondering, my grandma is 80.  I'm hoping that I get called Monday and get an interview scheduled.  Monday night there is a bonfire I am planning on going to.  But it's at 7:30 at night so I can probably get away with not eating much.  I'll tell my parents I plan on eating there and tell everyone there I already ate but to be nice I will do a little snacking.  I know how many calories are in chips and such.  I'm hoping no once notices my lack of eating.  Usually everyone plays capture the flag.  I really hope chubby bunny isn't played.  So I'll update later maybe and Sunday night I will post.  Monday I probably start the post before I leave and finish it after I get back.  I would like to put pictures on it, but I may not be able to.  Ok I think that is all of the important happenings.  If I don't end up posting one or more days.  I fell asleep most likely.  



  1. The great thing about chubby bunny (if it is played) is you can just spit out :)