Monday, May 2, 2011

I started working out about 15 min later than I wanted.  Oh well.  I've worked out for about 1 hr 10 min and now I'm going to change clothes and take the dog for a walk/run.  Probably be around 30 min and I will come back change back and continue to workout.  I will hopefully have burned about 1000 calories by the time everything is done.  Since I'm not keeping track of how many minutes I am spending on different exercises I can't easily figure out how many calories I burn.  All I know is it is at least 200 cal per hour.  More than that but I have no clue how much more.  I have a lot of stuff that I want to do today so when my mom gets home and I can't exercise I still have stuff to do to keep me busy and away from food.  I want to eat no more that 500 calories today.  I think it's possible.  I want a negative net calorie day.


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