Wednesday, May 18, 2011

22 followers!  XD

I think I'm going to post at night.  It seems like it would be easier that way.  Then I can post calorie totals for the day and not have to have them written else where for me to search for and find in the morning.  Currently I've been using the writing program on my computer.  Works I think.  Doesn't really matter.  I don't really feel like myself right now.  I've had Greek yogurt (160) and 6 grape tomatoes (12.5).  I was going to eat 2 Greek yogurts, but I stopped myself.  I know that would have led into a massive binge.  I didn't eat until about 2:30.  And then I had the tomatoes at 5.  Supper is going to be beef whatever (275-ish) and broccoli (30).  Today should be pretty good.  I've done some walking and carrying of things and I was thinking about taking the little Chunky dog for a walk after supper.  Like 2 miles.  I have taken to retail therapy.  I shouldn't but at least I'm not buying food.  I buy make-up that takes me years to put on.  I took a couple pics of what I looked like with make-up on today.  It took me 50 min to do.  Not good.  So I buy more.  Why?  I like to waste my money on things I will never use in hopes that I will use them.  Better than cookies and chips and ice cream and such things.  I had to buy a different brand of Greek yogurt today.  I wanted honey flavor and didn't want to pay more than $1.  So there were two brands that fit that.  I would always get the one with fewer calories.  Why? Because it has fewer calories.  But there was only one yogurt left of the lower cal brand.  And it had been broke open.  The  broke open part was sneakily hidden in the back.  And there was yogurt on the outside.  And it got on my hand. I was not happy.  I wasn't happy before that.  So I bought the other brand.  20 more calories.  It was good though.  I'm going to have to finish this after supper so if my rambles end up jumbled that's why.  G2G for now.

I'm back.  Supper was about 250 cals.  Like 50 cal less than I was expecting.  I was rambling about buying things I do believe.  I bought the yogurt and make-up and stuff for my mother.  Rice and mini chocolate chips and cat and dog food and things.  I bought some berry sauce for ice cream.  It's 90 cal for 2 tbsp.  So that's good.  And sugar-free caramel sauce.  Also 90 cals for 2 tbsps.  Also good.  A little sweet when I need it without it being too many calories.  I doubt I will eat 2 tbsp at once.  Like maybe 1 tbsp.  And that was Walmart.  And they were pretty much out of diet pills.  There were like 2 to choose from and like 5 empty spots.  That Walmart sucks in the diet department.  It's a big store but it doesn't have a lot of brands to choose from.  So I went to Target.  They had diet pills.  Like about 10 different ones.  Not the best selection but better than Walmart and cheaper than Walgreens and whatever the vitamin store is in the mall.  If the vitamin store in the mall is still open...  Any way.  I looked at like every one of the diet pills.  The cheapest was like $15.  The most expensive was like $30.  I bought a cheap one.  I got more days worth of pills.  Most of them were take 2 pills 3x a day.  And the bottle had like 30 pills or whatever.  So the bottle would last 15 days or whatever.  Not worth $20-$30.  So the one I bought was take 2 pills 2x a day.  And I got a morning version and a night version.  So it's like a month worth of pills.  It was QuikTrim.  The one Kim Kardashian endorsed.  Kourtney would have been better to endorse it in my opinion but Kourtney had a baby so she probably couldn't.  I wouldn't buy a diet pill endorsed by someone pregnant.  Any way.  I'm going to start using them tomorrow.  I bought melatonin (or whatever it's called) too.  To help me sleep hopefully.  And then I bought some food at HyVee.  I bought apples and flavored water.  And frozen yogurt and ice cream.  The ice cream I prob won't eat and the frozen yogurt I will.  It's raspberry and 100 cals for 1/2 cup.  Not bad.  So shopping was decent I guess.  The interview would have gone really good.  IF I was 21.  I'm not the legal age to sell alcohol.  Therefore I cannot work there.  Why didn't they fucking ask that on the fucking job application?!  Seriously.  I wasted 1 hour of my life taking a math test and filling out papers and answering questions.  AND I wasted hours getting ready.  I could have burned like 500+ cals in that amount of time.  I would much rather have been exercising.  I better wake up lighter tomorrow.  I don't know what's up with D's phone.  His voicemail is now different.  Like the leave a message message is completely different.  I haven't heard from him today.  He was supposed to call me.  I mean there's still time for him too but I'm getting really annoyed.  And I messaged J yesterday like 2x (once to say I had a job interview because I was kinda excited and once to say I was sorry for him having to deal with any part of my weight loss issues).  I haven't heard from him either, but I'm ok with that.  I'm starting to like him less and I think him not messaging me back has something to do with that.  This is long.  Sorry.  Most of this was pointless.  Oh well.  Everyone does in fact have the ability to stop reading this at any time.  I doubt anyone is forcing you to read it all.  Although it might make a good form of torture...  Anyway, I want to burn some calories so I will quit my rambling nonsense.


~~ Also, it's nice to know someone thinks something I have done is badass.
~~ And nice to know people enjoy my rambling.

XD <--- Very happy face.


  1. I'm just like you when it comes to retail therapy. I used to spend all my money on food, and now I spend it all on crap I don't need. Sighhh.

  2. I buy shit i don't need all the time. Yesterday I bought the ugliest hoodie from the gap. It has THE GAP just plastered across the front. But I just was in the moment and had to have it...haha. So lame. And I wore it to work today too...hahah. I don't even care.

  3. I also buy stuff I don't need all the time.
    Also, I am a crazy person with the yogurt. I always thought it would be fantasy for me to skip days of eating and then just eat yogurt. I really should go yogurt shopping...and oatmeal shopping. I am an oatmeal fanatic.
    Ufff. Idjits. Not even mentioning the age range! >_>