Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My sister went golfing.  My mom is making me get something for supper.  Something easy that doesn't involve much cooking.  Basically it has to be microwaved or cold.  Not sure what to get but I want it to have like 300 or less cal per serving.  I think I'll get some light yogurt because it's only 30 cents for 6 oz.  I'm going to look for jeans and maybe get some job apps and my mom wants pop.  Of course it has to have sugar and calories for her.  I've had broccoli and tea.  I'm at 230 cal.  I took Chunky for a short walk.  Like maybe a mile.  He got too hot and I was sweaty and it was windy.  So I took him home.  If it was just me I probably would have walked more.  I might walk again tonight.  If it's cool enough.  Maybe about a mile again.  I tried on like 3 shirts before I found one that fit.  One of the ones that didn't fit I think didn't fit because of the bra I'm wearing.  And the other one might be the same reason or it could just be too big.  Not sure with that one.  I haven't tried it on for at least a year.  Those two were halter tops and the one that fit isn't.  I'm wearing a strapless bra so it fits differently.  I may put up a poll on the side later.  Like tonight.  I want people to actually like looking at my blog and I don't think many people do.  I have 14 followers and I get about 7 views a day.  One day I had 45 page views.  I was almost 115 lbs then.  So maybe people will read if I actually lose weight but I feel almost like I'm blogging for nothing.  Like I put it here so people can see.  If no one sees it I might as well just write in a journal for just me to see.  Which I am thinking about doing.  I'm planning on buying a notebook to journal in and only posting once a day.  I know 3 is a lot.  I get bored.  I may just start saving drafts and only post once and add to it like 3x a day and do one longer post everyday.  I'm not sure.  It's all starting to seem pointless.  This blog isn't helping me lose weight by me holding myself more accountable.  It's not helping me avoid binging in any way.  I kind of want to quit but I know I can't just quit.  But I think 1 post a day would be good.  I was thinking about adding pictures like thinspo or something to more of my posts but I'm not sure yet.  I've got a lot I want/need to think about.  And it's not just about this blog.  Just life in general.  I gotta go though.


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