Sunday, May 1, 2011

crying my eyes out got my razor do i dare cut my wrist maybe im too pissed to type proper i cut my hip 3x so far i need more my wrist is wanting to bleed i want to cut my wrist deep enough that i die i afraid to end up back in debt and in the fucking loony bin becuase im a failure and cant kill myself right i want to cut my wrist so fucking bad right now tho just like 3 quick deep slices and maybe i can make myself bleed to death i want to bleed to death i want to die


  1. No, please please please don't keep cutting! You're NOT a failure! I care, your friends care, your family cares, and you deserve to live because you have a bright future ahead of you. I'm really sorry things have been tough lately, but please don't give up, they will get better! If you need anything, I'll be always be here, and this whole community will be here for you. Don't cut, it makes me sad that you're hurting. Stay strong, stay beautiful!

  2. Please don't cut anymore! Just cry, exercise do something, but you don't need to cut. You won't want the scars when your skinny and you don't deserve the pain now! I know things are bad, but think about it hard and you will see you don't really want to die. No one wants you to die. I really hope you feel better soon,
    Stat strong,
    Lottie x