Monday, May 16, 2011


I've gained 2.5 pounds since Thursday.  I weigh 118.  I'm going to eat 750 cal or less everyday until I reach 113.  I'm hoping that I can be 115 by Friday.  I would love to be 113 by then.  I'm still questioning whether I should stop at 113.  Or just lose weight and lie to J and tell him I weigh more than I do when I see him in July.  I mean it's like 2 months away and that's a long time to go with just maintaining a weight that I don't like.  I was wanting to be 100 lbs by then.  I was thinking about stopping at 100 lbs before I talked to J.  I had texted him so I could decide if 100 would be good or if I should aim for the 85-90 lbs range.  I could gain like 5 lbs before he comes and tell him I weigh a little more than I do and then it'll be close enough to 113 and when he leaves, lose the weight again.  The good thing is I have a while to think about it.  The bad thing is, it's two months away and there's a lot of time for me to change my mind/not decide.  I hate making decisions.  My sister is coming sometime today but leaving today so I can exercise everyday this week.  I'm hoping for 45 min everyday.  It's going to be kinda cool out until Thursay like too cool to go for a long walk so exercising will have to be done inside.  So Thursday and Friday I will probably go for long walk/jog/runs.  By that I mean I will have to walk for most of it but I would try to add in some jogging and running.  Running meaning sprints.  I hope I can get this weight off easy.  I really want to see 115.  I don't really have anything else to say.  I would like to have some sort of progress so I could post progress pictures, but there's not point in pictures if there's no progress.  I've had progress, I just never took pictures.  I think a large cup of green tea is in order.



  1. Same problem with the progress but no pictures :P
    I think you should not worry too much about the numbers and limits and just loose until you feel happy :) that way you won't feel pressured by yourself to loose more to get to 85 if you feel happy at 110 if that makes sence?
    Have fun exercising!
    Stay strong,
    Lottie x

  2. I have pictures but I see no progress. lol.
    I gained 1.8 pounds in one day (while you gained 2.5 in four) so that's not too bad compared to me. 0.o
    I hope you can find contentment at a somewhat healthy weight. I wouldn't want you to upset the boy when you see him. Just remember it's nice to have someone who cares.