Friday, May 20, 2011

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Ok so seriousness-
This weekend has the possibility of being very hectic.  My daughter is coming over and my family is celebrating my grandma's (my mom's mom's) birthday.  By celebrating I mean we are going out to lunch (my grandma and uncle hate driving at night) tomorrow and then Sunday (I think) will be cake and ice cream.  So I will most likely binge at lunch (not going to be able to purge - I would if I could) and I'm hoping my mom decides to make a cake I won't like so I can get away with just the ice cream.  I may be too busy to post tomorrow.  Or I may do a short post.  Or I may do a normal one if my daughter falls asleep at a decent time (like 8-8:30).  Pictures aren't happening today.  Maybe Monday (depending on what is going on).

Woke up and went back to sleep.  Woke up again.  Like 8:30.  I actually managed to sleep later than 7:30?!  Well that ruined my original plans for the day.  I had been wanting to be up at 7:30 and weigh myself and take the diet pills and take the dog for a walk and weigh myself again.  And then write some stuff down on 1 piece of paper (I had it written on like 3) and eat a little something and go to Iowa.  Well I wake up weigh myself.  116.  Sad, but I guess after like 2000 calories yesterday, it could have been worse.  I ate again after I posted yesterday.  So I look through this little booklet thing that came with the diet pills and then take 2 of the AM ones.  And then I get distracted and I don't even remember what I did.  I might have spent a while trying to figure out what to wear and I decided to try out the eyelines I had bought.  And then I spent like 10 minutes trying to get it off.  My sister's stupid cat would not leave me alone and kept messing with everything.  So after like an hour after I took the pills I feel maybe hungry?  Not sure it was really hunger.  It seemed like something that more water could/would take care of.  So I drink some water.  Should not have drank water.  I want to puke.  Lovely.  I hate puking up pills.  So I go downstairs and eat 4 chocolate animal crackers.  And then I get a yogurt.  And I have to force myself to finish the yogurt, but I manage to.  I go to the bathroom and sit in there.  If I'm going to puke I would at least like to be by the toilet instead of running and hoping I get there on time.  And then after about 5 min I start feeling better.  Then I take the dog for a walk.  A coal train went through town so the walk was longer than I had planned.  And I was sweaty and felt nasty.  Not going anywhere or doing anything until I'm not sweaty and nasty.  Get in a fight with D because he was supposed to call me and didn't.  The stuff I was supposed to put on one paper was so I could fill out a job application.  So I try to figure out what I'm supposed to use for a reason for leaving my housekeeping job.  I had used inconsistent hours on every other job application I filled out, but I couldn't use it.  Because I was applying to be a housekeeper again at a different hotel.  So I had to come up with something else.  So basically it ends up being about 2 pm.  I ate an apple and some grape tomatoes.  And then my mom comes home.  So I get everything straightened out and I leave.  I had wanted to leave by noon.  Obviously didn't happen.  I filled out the application and left.  I wandered around some stores and bought 2 shirts and finger nail polish.  I found the crackle kind.  I bought 2 of those.  Black and silver I think.  And I bought black, silver. and white in regular nail polish.  Then I bought some food.  I had to buy my supper and I bought some Greek yogurt and chicken and broccoli.  I had wanted to go to a park, but there was a chance of rain so I figured I would go there next time I go to Iowa.  I need to take the PM diet pills yet.  I think I'll just take 1.  The difference between the AM and the PM versions - the AM is supposed to boost metabolism, release and burn stored fat, increase energy, keep blood pressure stable, promote mood, and has a lot of antioxidants.  The PM version - is a diuretic, detoxes, and helps remove water weight.  I've had about 850 calories today.  I was hoping for less.  I've been tired all day.  And me tired does not write a very entertaining post.



  1. Seems like you've had a busy day. Keep us posted on how the diet pills are doing!

  2. I love the yogurt trick, have you tried pill before? just curious?