Sunday, May 1, 2011

New follower.  Yay!  Welcome.  I've had 30 page views today too.  So Yay!  I had been getting around 20 page views a day then it dropped to like 7 ish for like a week.  I had been thinking about maybe even giving up on this blog and maybe starting over but I think I'll just keep going with this one.  Another disappointing thing is quite a few of the blogs I follow have quit posting or don't post nearly as frequently as they had been.  It's sad because it's been some of my favorites too.  Some of my favorites are still posting though.

I asked A if she wanted to go to lunch or something and she said she would.  So Thursday at noon we are going to go somewhere for lunch.  I just don't know where yet.  Hopefully it will go well.

I haven't heard from D yet.  He's supposed to come over on his way to Indiana.  I'm going to be pissed if he doesn't come.  I called him and his phone rang but he didn't answer and it ended up going to voicemail.  Then I tried again and it went straight to voicemail without ringing.  So I din't know what's going on.  I'm planning on going through a bunch of my clothes.  I'm waiting for D to come so I can do it because it will take a while and there will be like 3 huge piles.  I want to spend the next few days getting my room cleaned.  My sister used to have my chair and it was in her apartment but she moved out and now it's in the garage.  I want it back in my room but I have to clean stuff first.  I have a lot of stuff I want to do.  And since I don't work I have plenty of time to get it done.  I'm hoping that by the end of May I am 107 pounds.  That's only 10 pounds to lose.  I just have to lose 2.5 pounds a week.  Not too ridiculous.  Sometime this week there will probably be a post of picture.  Probably just a bunch of random pictures.  My dog (what my mother did to my dog- she took him to the groomers >:(  I hate his new haircut), my cat, me anything else I feel like posting on here.  So yeah.  I've probably eaten almost 1000 calories worth of food.  I should probably quit with my rambling and such.


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