Monday, May 9, 2011

I was going to exercise starting at 8 but I got distracted reading blogs.  It's now 8:40 so maybe I'll start at 8:45 and workout until 9:30 then get ready to go pay my phone and such.  It's going to rain so going to a park and walking will probably be out.  But I'm going to skip breakfast and maybe by a diet something or other somewhere along the lines to keep my stomach happy.  And my sugar cravings.  Artificial sugar is close enough. I'm hoping that I have a $35 credit for my phone.  They told me last time I did but US Cellular is kinda very annoying and such.  They change the plans and don't tell me so I go there just to find out I wasn't the person they meant to call.  Sooo annoying.  If I have a credit I will try to find a pair of jeans.  Maybe 2 depending on how much they cost.  I have to have money for diet food though.  Time to exercise.


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