Monday, May 2, 2011

I ate some broccoli (30) and 1 jelly bean (like 15) and popcorn (no idea...maybe 200?) and I'm making honey chicken tonight (200) and I'll have rice (150).  Probably eat a Greek yogurt (110) after supper.  About 705.  Maybe I'll skip the Greek yogurt.  That would put me at about 595.  I feel huge.  I shouldn't have eaten that much popcorn.  I shouldn't have eaten it at all.  I didn't need to eat it.  Yes, I was hungry, but not that hungry.  30 more calories of broccoli or 35 calories of carrots probably would have been good.  But no I eat a whole fucking bag of popcorn.  15 calories a cup.  Not bad, but who eats 1 cup?  I eat like the whole fucking bag which has to be like 12 cups or something.  I would purge but my mom is home.  I think I'm going to do 600 crunches.  Probably not all at once, but before I go to bed.  Or 1 crunch for every calorie I eat.  I know 1 crunch burns less than 1 calorie, but I think it will be good for me.  I think I will do that every day if I can.  Hopefully it will make me more aware of how many calories I eat.  I will do that plus whatever other exercising I do for the day.  I should probably get started on the crunches for the calories I have already eaten so I won't have to do as many later.


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