Thursday, May 5, 2011

StressedStressedStressed.  I tried on about 5 different shirts with one pair of pants.  I looked fat in all of them.  Decided I should find a different pair of pants.  Couldn't find the pair I wanted.  SearchSearchSearch.  10 min later I finally find them.  So now I have to figure out what shirt to wear.  The pants I have on now come up higher to hid my pudgy belly better.  The other pair just let my fat flow over.  GrossGrossGross.  So I need to figure out a shirt.  And do something with my hair.  I think I'll just put it in a hairtie and curl it.  I had my hair up when I was working out.  It almost looked good.  I didn't try to make it look good because I was working out.  No point in trying to look good for that.  I just got sweaty and gross anyway.  And I found some step-by-step make up tip things and I'm going to try those.  I have about 1 h before I have to leave.  I have to go to the bank first.  My parents are making me go buy stuff.  They don't know I'm going to lunch with A though.  I said I was thinking about getting job job apps (which I might do) and try to find this temp job service.  I'm out of Greek yogurt too.  I need some.  It gets rid of my sugar cravings.  140 cal honey Greek yogurt is so much better than 300 cal of chocolate.  I'm just rambling now.  I had coffee and I put in 2 Splenda packets and a little salt and about a tablespoon of cocoa.  It wasn't that great, but I drank it anyway. I think it needed a little more salt, less cocoa and maybe more Splenda.  But maybe just less cocoa.  Not sure.  I drank it anyway.  It was only like 12 cal.  I just don't know where we should go eat that wouldn't be too fattening.  I don't want to have to order something with 500+ cal or order something I don't really like/want.  I kind of want Chinese food but the ones in town are not healthy Chinese food.  I need to get ready.  And I said last week I think about maybe posting pictures.  I could post pictures of random things like my dog and cats but if you want to see how fat I look, I look the same as the last time I posted.  Just go searching through and find it if you are wondering.  I'll post a picture of me when I am 115 or less.  Probably wait til 110 so a difference can actually be seen.


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  1. i put vanilla almond milk in my coffee (1/4 cup is 10cals) &it's pretty sweet. i know what you mean about the sweet cravings. i get things like animal crackers for that. is there any place you can get sushi? it's usually pretty safe calorie-wise&it's not as suspicious as ordering a plain salad. i get sushi at the grocery store once in a while to go easy on my wallet. you should post photos of your pets. i hope you find a good shirt. i sometimes wear a dress over my jeans because i swear i have love handles. stay strong, darling.