Sunday, May 1, 2011

I need tomorrow to be a good day.  Today has gone to shit.  I think I will start tomorrow off with a cup of tea or coffee (black) and exercise.  That should put me in a decent mood.  I think 5 min warm up and then high intensity cardio.  I want to burn as many calories as I can as quick as I can.  I want to burn 500+ cals.  I would love to burn 1000+ cals total tomorrow.  I will not eat anything until 500+ cals are burned.  Then I'll eat 35 cals of carrots and workout some more.  And maybe eat some broccoli or some more carrots.  Then maybe work out more.  Tomorrow I will play music and dance/run/jump/whatever movements that I think will burn a good amount of calories.  I need to be happy and I can't be happy if I'm fat.  If I ever see D again I want to be skinny and perfect and be a complete bitch to him.  Make him realize that he made a mistake by not seeing me today.  Make him wish he had called me when he said he would and texted me when he said he would and did everything he said he would.  Because he could have been with the perfect girl.  And he fucked it up.  I know I'm not perfect right now, but at least I am making an effort to change.  I've been trying to fix the depression and my weight and everything.  He never helped me and made it worse.

Thank you lovelies for your comments.  They were very much appreciated.  ♥


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  1. Glad your feeling more motivated :)
    Lottie x