Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm up and ready to exercise.  I'm hoping to get an hour and a half to two hours in.  I don't really feel like talking.  I need to exercise and become sociable by noon.  I meet A then.  I will be getting some groceries and things after so I don't plan on eating breakfast or again until supper.  So I will eat maybe three times.  Once before bed probably.  But maybe not.  I think I'll take my vitamins and such.  I should buy some more.  Some different ones.    I want to see if they can make my metabolism faster.  Probably not.  I'm probably forever stuck with one that functions at the speed of a snail.  If it was faster I could either eat more and not gain or I could eat the same amount of food and lose more.  Like I said I don't feel like talking and I've talked more than enough.  I gotta exercise.


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