Thursday, May 19, 2011

I have more followers.  I was happier earlier so I should have started writing this earlier.  But now I'm just depressed.  I feel guilty and bad and miserable.  I just ate like 800 calories worth of pizza.  And a brownie.  Another 170 to add on to that.  I also had a large smoothie.  Add on 320.  And cereal and animal crackers and grape tomatoes and yogurt.  It all totals around 1630.  And today isn't over.  I walked about 2.5 miles this morning and went shopping with my mother.  I really want to purge.  I didn't drink anything with the pizza though.  So purging won't work too well.  I may give it a try.  It's only been like 15 min.  I'm depressed and don't really want to say much.  My sister was supposed to be gone last night but when I woke up I saw her car was here.  So I didn't start the diet pills today because they were in the car and I didn't want to wake her up, so I left them in the car for a while.  I had 2 SlimQuick left so I took those.  Then after like 15 min I decided that I could just go to the car and get the other stuff and my sister would sleep through it.  And she slept through it.  I don't know why I thought I would wake her up.  So I will start the QuickTrim tomorrow.  Technically, the QuickTrim I bought is supposed to last me 14 days.  I got two bottles.  On AM version and one PM version.  I'm supposed to take two of each twice a day.  But that seem like a lot.  So I was going to start with two of the AM ones in the morning and two of the PM ones at night.  And then it would last 28 days.  So I will start that tomorrow.  Nothing else I feel like saying.  If I'm in a good mood and I am productive, I will post pictures.  But that requires me to put the pictures on the computer from my camera, which I usually never feel like doing.  I would like to wake up tomorrow weighing the same weight I did this morning.  I weighed 115.  I would like to weigh that again tomorrow.  I was happy this morning but now I just feel guilty.  I also would say a bunch of other stuff but I'm not in the mood.  I think an attempt at purging is in order.



  1. tomorrow is a new day. good luck on the scale in the morning, who knows? :)

    i am curious about the PM diet pills ... what makes them different. less caffeine, i'm sure, but what else?

    here's to a strong tomorrow.

  2. Don't feel bad Kes, everyone has a bad day. Just make sure you make it count tomorrow. You've been doing great so far! Stay beautiful!

  3. Be careful on the diet pills. Sometimes they cause mood changes.
    Keep pushing forward.

  4. Everyone has a bad day, darling. You know what I always try to remember. There's always tomorrow. You don't have to be so frustrated. <3
    Stay strong! I can't wait to think of weighing that much. 115 pounds. Amazing. <3
    Also, I added you on Yahoo! MSN. I'm if you didn't get it.

  5. I always feel terrible seeing you girls suffer with torment from eating. I know it's impossible to not feel that way, it just breaks my heart to hear you in pain. Tomorrow will come and hopefully you will remember how much you disliked eating all that yucky food and it'll serve as a guide for what not to eat. Mistakes are unavoidable, but learning from them is important.

    Stay focused :)

  6. well tomorrow is may 21st. I'm kind of hoping for the end. it would be exciting.