Sunday, May 8, 2011

My daughter left about an hour ago.  My parents went out to eat Mexican food with my dad's family.  Mexican food = way too many calories.  I've had enough calories.  I'm still expected to have dirty dishes for supper (or wash all the dishes).  So I'm baking a potato and will probably eat like half.  Or maybe none or purge.  Not sure yet.  Might wash the dishes too.  Also not sure yet.  I weigh 120-121 pounds.  I had shoes on so I'm hoping 120 without shoes.  It was 121 with shoes.  So my plan for tomorrow is I'm going to wake up and exercise.  Then eat breakfast (1/2 serving wheat farina cereal - 85 cal) and go pay my phone and then maybe go to a park and walk around or something and buy some healthy foods (Greek yogurt, broccoli, veggies, ect.).  Hopefully I can skip lunch that way.  And I can hopefully go home and it'll be like 3 or something and I can eat a snack (broccoli maybe - 30 cal) and not eat again until supper.  Then hopefully shower after supper and purge.  I have a friend in the Marines and he said he was thinking about taking some leave in mid-July and wanted to know if he could stop by.  I want to weigh 100 or less by then.  That's like 20 pounds in about 10 weeks.  Possible.  D said he was going to come back around the 3rd and there's no way I can be 100 pounds by then.  I want to be 110 or less though.  Possible.  Both goals are possible but semi-difficult.  I just have to come up with a way to stay on track.  I need to focus more.  Or find a way to exercise (vigorously) without it feeling like working out.  I need something to either distract me or something that I like doing.  I wish I had like a stationary bike that told me a speed.  I could see how fast I could get it to go.  Or a regular bike and somewhere to go ride it.  Corn fields are not fun to look at.  I've probably rambled enough.


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