Monday, May 2, 2011

I'm tired and don't want to exercise because of it.  I'm going to make myself exercise but I need to wake up a bit.  I have a feeling that me trying to exercise while I'm tired will result in injury.  D called me at like 11:20 last night when I was almost asleep.  No idea what was said.  And somehow at like 10:30 he had left a voicemail.  I was right next to my phone and it never rang.  But I remember he was all pissed in the voicemail.  I weighed about 119 this morning.  FuckFuckFuck.  I thought I would never have to see 119 again.  But it's here.  I guess no food until I have to eat (supper probably).  I will allow myself 0 cal liquids until then.  I think I will start out exercising at 8:30.  I will start out with like crunches and squats and lunges and things like that then move on to cardio and switch back when I get too tired and just alternate between the two hopefully until 11:30.  I will not stop moving.  I can't let myself stop moving.  I must lose weight.  I must burn off a lot of calories.  I must wake up tomorrow weighing less.


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