Thursday, November 26, 2015

3 years later

Happy thanksgiving. It's been over 3 years. Wow. I tried to log on but I couldn't figure out which email/password I used. It was saved on the computer I haven't really used in forever. It was broke for over a year so I bought a new one. In those 3 years a lot has happened and at the same time not much has happened. It seems like the community this place used to be has kind of largely fallen apart? Disappeared? Moved elsewhere? My dad passed away in September 2013. I totaled a car. I dated several guys. I was with a guy for about 2 years and that kind of fell apart recently. I honestly think he is dealing with too much stress and refusing to do anything about any of it. He cannot change his dad but he can try harder to budget and get out of debt so he can move out. He is slowly turning into his dad. A fat lazy slob. We used to go to parks and hike and now he can't even walk for 10 minutes without being winded or saying his feet or knees hurt. I've gained quite a bit of weight. I'm trying to get rid of it but it was hard with the lazy boyfriend who only wanted pizza, pasta, mountain dew, and chocolate milk. We'll see how losing weight goes now. The question is, should I come back to this blog or use my current one?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

So i am starting a new blog with aa under a new profile since its the two of us doing it. Its diet and exercise related and mma training related. Ill post a link when we start it and i cant link on my phone anyway. And i think im gonna start a new personal blog with the same profile. I just feel i need a new start. Im not going to delete this one though. Ill post a link to it too when i make it and am on a computer.

Monday, March 12, 2012

I think I might start over blogging.  Like make a new one.  Quit using this one.  I've just not been using this one as much as I would like and I would like a new one.  One more towards my goal of a featherweight (105.1-115 lbs) MMA fighter although I would prefer bantamweight (95.1ish-105 lbs).  I don't know the low weight for bantam.  I just know 105.  Because 103 would be lovely for me.  I'm gonna think about it.  I'll post a link if I make a new one and follow back those who follow that blog.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

So ive been busy with cleaning mainly. And filling out job apps. Been away from the computer and not been on my phone really. I finally have my room like 98% clean. Which means i have room to work out in my room now. Basically in working on getting shit done. Find a job and lose some weight and get in shape. I want to be an mma fighter. Ill hopefully be back to blogging soon and making another blog with aa. And im pretty sure aa bought an engagement ring. Im nervous. I know hes been looking and stuff. I love him and he supports me in pretty much everything i do. Ive shown him my blog and hes ok with it. Ive shown him tumblr and thinspo and and he tells me either its too skinny or i can look like that. He is the most amazing guy ever. I love him. Anyway imma go and hopefully be back to blogging in a day or two. I send my love to all you lovies.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

AA has managed to make me go from super happy to super depressed.  So I'm off to go hide under my rock and cry about the fact that I put a shit ton of work into something just to have to undo 95% of it because AA wouldn't help me create a good stopping spot.  I wanted help but he left so my parents made me undo most of my work.  I worked on my room for like 6 hours and instead of having like 2 hours of work left I have like 5.  So much for that.  Rant done.  Off to cry as AA pisses me off some more.


Friday, March 2, 2012

I weighed in today.  119 lbs.  Finally back under the 120's. Now to keep going lower.