Tuesday, February 2, 2016


My weight hasn't changed much. Although a period had a bit to do with that. I'm in the process of moving back in with my mother. It's good and bad. A lot of changes are going to be made. I'm going to try to swich jobs. I'm going to try to go to counseling. I'm going to try to get out of debt. I'm going to try to take some tests for college credit and then try to go to college. A lot of this should've happened already. But I was in a relationship that was holding me back. I thought it would be like a slingshot and pull me back just to fly me quickly forward and a lot of good things would happen. But nothing good was coming. It was just holding me back and making me miserable. We fought all the time. I wanted to be an adult and sit down and make a budget and figure out who would pay for what and how to get debts paid off and how to move forward. He wouldn't. I couldn't get any closer to any of my goals. Now he's gone and already seeing someone else. I honestly think something was going on between them before. He was/is a very active snapchat user and once brought up how I would feel if someone sent him nudes. So I think she probably was sending him nudes and they were probably flirting for a while. There's almost 10 years age difference so I really don't think it'll work out in the long run. I am going to use my single-dom to improve myself. And I deserve to be with someone who encourages me to be the best me that I can be and not hold me back. Time to start improving.


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