Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'm going to try the salt water cleanse.  I'm hoping it works and that I don't end up puking.  And that the cleansing doesn't take forever.  I weigh the same as yesterday.  120.  I was hoping for a loss.  But no.  I mean I ate maybe 1000 calories yesterday.  It was more than I wanted to but it wasn't that many.  Compared to what I ate over the weekend I should have lost.  Anyway.  Time to chug some salt water.  I'll post later.  I was just posting to let you know that I was doing this.  Don't really know how it will go or anything.  But hopefully I'll lose something from this.



  1. Good luck with the salt water cleanse! I don't know that I would have it in me to chug salt water.

  2. Ooo let us know how it goes and good luck!
    I've been thinking about doing one to break my plateau.

  3. Gag. I did it when I did the master cleanse... Let's just say... Stay close to the bathroom! It took 3 tries to get it down without vomiting :)

    I'm sure your much stronger than me tho... Let us know how it goes!



  4. Good luck with the cleanse and tell us how it goes! :)