Thursday, May 26, 2011

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I didn't post yesterday because I didn't know what to say and I didn't want to have to put you all through another one of my depressed/angry ranting posts.  And it was also stormy/tornado-y so I kinda turned off my computer for a while.  Then went out to eat because it was my dad's birthday.  And at like 9:45 at night my grandma (mom's mom) calls.  She thought her eye was bleeding or something?  Not sure.  I was trying to sleep.  So my mom had to be woken up and take my grandma to the hospital.  And yeah.... My grandma had just had cataract surgery like the day before.  And I guess one of the veins/blood vessels or something like that broke.  So my mom is now taking a nap because she still had to be at woke at 5 am today.  And I got into a fight with D yesterday.  And I'm still pissed at him.  He got to experience his first tornado last night.  He was a complete asshole on the phone when I had called him and tried to tell him that a tornado would be there and that he should find a place to go.  But he was an asshole so I just hung up and cried.  J texted me yesterday morning (1am morning) and I've sorta been texting him.  I still weigh 120.  FatFatFat.  I took Chunky for a short walk earlier.  It was too cold and wet for a long walk.  A cold, wet dog is a whiny dog.  And no one wants to listen to a whiny dog.  I've been drinking black cherry flavored water.  It makes me have to pee a lot.  But it's keeping me from eating.  I've had Slimfast (200-ish) and yogurt (80-ish) and 2 animal crackers (16-ish).  My supper will probably be pasta (120) with some marinara sauce (40) if things work out as planned.  I've done a little cleaning.  Not much.  Might do some more later.  I think I'll look up some yoga poses and try them and do a shit ton of crunches and some squats and whatever else I feel like doing.  Tomorrow I might go to Iowa and buy some healthy food and go to the park and such.  At the very least I will take Chunky for a walk.  A long walk.  3 miles.  Maybe longer.  Or I'll take him on more than one walk.  Or I might go running.  Chunky might like running.  I'm hoping to keep my intake under 800 today.  I've got about 500 cal left so it shouldn't be a problem.  But I may not be able to weigh myself as often anymore.  I weigh myself every weekday and on weekends if I'm home alone.  I only weigh myself when I'm home alone.  And the school my dad teaches at just has a short day left.  The kids just have to go get their report cards and are gone 15 min later.  So my dad will be around more.  I'm hoping he will be working at the auction more so I can get a chance to weigh myself.  I need to be able to weigh myself at least 2x a week.  Otherwise I'll go insane.  It seems like I'm forgetting to say something, but whatever it is I'm sure it can wait.  I must go wake up my mother now.


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