Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I've had about 750 cal so far.  Fuck.  I haven't done much for exercise either.  My weight isn't quite 120.  Maybe half pound less.  I have to find my own supper tonight.  So I will try to keep it low cal.  I've eaten 2 chocolate muffins and like 2 low fat brownies today and a bowl of cereal.  Each being about 150 cal.  Supper will hopefully be 250 cal or less.  I'm planning on going for a walk.  Probably with the dog.  Hopefully it will be 3 miles.  I might add in a little running.  Like run for a block walk for a block and alternate until I can't run any more and then walk the rest.  I need to get everything together.  I haven't eaten as much today as I did yesterday, which is good, but I've eaten more than I wanted to.  I think I'll see if my mom wants to sort some of my old clothes and then fill out a job app.  Should keep me busy until supper.  I think I'll set an alarm on my phone and wake up at 7:30 and exercise.  I really need to do some cardio.  My sister was here this morning but she's getting ready to leave now.  So tomorrow I will be by myself so I'm going to try to push myself really hard and hopefully burn 500 cal and eat a little and get ready for lunch with A.  Hopefully lunch won't be too fattening.


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