Saturday, April 9, 2011

Work, Sick, Rambling and Like More Rambling

I went to work.  Worked for three hours.  Not much but since I'm still sick, it was pretty good.  I started sweating like a lot after about 30 min.  But then I quit sweating so much.  I'm guessing the lobby was just extra hot.  It was hotter than the pool room, which is usually like 80 degrees, but the pool room wasn't that hot today. I bought some groceries after work.  Fuze and cereal and fries and brownie mix.  I've been feeling a little better. I think I have my sickness under control.  I think I'll be better in a few days.  Liquid bandage is like the best thing ever.  It burns so fucking bad to put it on, but then once it quits hurting, nothing hurts the abrasion thing for like 6-8 hours.  It doesn't look so disgusting anymore.  So glad J (my ex that I'm still friends with) was sort of there for me.  By there I mean he texted me back.  He lives like 1500 miles away now.  He's like super smart and he said liquid bandage should take care of any infection I might have and prevent it from getting infected if it isn't.  My actual boyfriend, D, wouldn't even text back.  D's smart and could have helped me, he just wouldn't.  He just completely ignored me.  It's like everything has to be about him right now.  I can't take it.  I'm sick as fuck and he doesn't give a shit.  Sorry, rambling.  Anyway, I've had a bottle of Fuze for 180 calories today.  I've had some Robitussin and an antihistamine and couple decongestants.  Those I have no clue on.  Maybe 100 or 150 but hopefully less.  Could be more.  Dunno.  Anyway, probably going to Iowa later.  Like maybe in a hour.  My arms look thin.  My stomach and thighs and surrounding areas, not so much.  All of my weight went to my mid-section when I was pregnant.  Well, I think I'm going to edit an image, eat a little something and maybe head on over to Iowa.


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