Saturday, April 23, 2011

Aye Ell-The time I was told I was 5'1" was at like 9 am.  I had been awake for like maybe 2 hours.  I have an aunt who is really short.  She's 4'11".  When I was growing up, every time my sister and I saw her at family gatherings it was always, "Is Kes or T (my sister) taller than Aunt S?"  My sister is shorter than me.  And I sort of like my height.  I wouldn't want to be much taller.  It looks weird when a guy and a girl are like dating and the girl is taller than the guy.  D is only like an inch taller than me.

So I'm cooking rice.  I accidentally let it boil over.  I forgot to turn down the temperature.  Oops...  Oh well.

I weighed myself earlier and the scale said 121.  Then I was extremely upset/pissed.  I was already kind of upset/pissed.  It only made it worse.  Then I did like 10 min of cardio and weighed myself again to see if the horror of 121 was true.  Apparently if I put my weight more on my heels, the scale will say I weigh more than if my weight is more evenly distributed.  Like more centered.  And the scale said 119 when I weighed again.  So I decided to check my weight 2 more times in 2 different spots in the kitchen.  119 both of those times too.  I'm hoping I don't gain any more.  I've eaten a lot today, but I've been moving around more.  It's easier for me to exercise ad such when no one is around.  I guess it's because I don't want my parents to hear me doing jumping jacks or whatever in my room and start asking questions.

I should probably go check my rice before it boils over or burns or something.


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