Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I've consumed a lot since I last posted.  That was like what? 6 hours ago?  I've had blondies (300-ish), Reese's eggs (2 at 170 cal each - 340), chips and salsa (150), pasta (75-ish), more pasta(300-ish), and chocolate(110-ish).  So like almost 1300.  I'm a fat fucking PIG.  I seriously need to exercise.  Like a lot of exercising.  The only good thing is there are no more Reese's eggs and the blondies are almost gone.  I hope I don't weigh more than 119 tomorrow.  I need 70 degree weather so I can go for long walks with my dog.  I need to quit binging.  I have no self-control.  I need to get everything under control.  D called.  He has managed to thoroughly piss me off.  Apparently I just never understand.  Apparently I'm supposed to be perfectly ok with him never calling or texting me when he says he will.  And I'm supposed to be ok with waiting for 30 min for him to show up.  Apparently my time isn't valuable.  I really wish I could just like never talk to him ever again.  Never call him, never text him.  Never answer when he calls or respond when he texts me.  I really wish I could.  But I can't.  And it's my fault.  I don't have any will power or self-control.  I can't ever say no to anyone or anything.  I need to exercise til I hurt.  Maybe I'll feel better.


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