Tuesday, April 19, 2011


So supper was bad.  Chicken (350-ish) and broccoli (40-ish) and I had a few fried potato slices (40-ish).  So Like 430-ish calories.  Add that on to the 1250 I've probably eaten today.  And like 1680-ish.  SHIT!  I need to work out until my net is 900-ish.  My ramblings as I try to figure out how to get my net to be 900 or less will begin here --->  Work probably burned like 400.  All of the calculators I've used say different things for like cleaning/housework.  It's so annoying.  So the lowest said 531 calories burned in 4 hours of light cleaning.  So I'll say 400 calories burned in 4 hours because I doubt it's right.  So 100 calories an hour for cleaning means I could clean for an hour and do calisthenics for 30 min that will burn a little over 200 calories.  So 200 + 400 = 600 and 1700 - 600 = 1100 so I would still need to burn 200 calories so I need to figure something else out that won't take as long because it's almost 7 pm and I shouldn't stay up too late working out because I have to work tomorrow.  1700 - 900 = 800 and 800 - 400 = 400 so I still need to burn at least 400 calories.  UGH!  I need to burn like 200 calories/ hour.  Aerobics?  I guess.  Two hours is a lot for aerobics though.  I guess it will have to do.  I probably only need to do an hour and a half, so I guess I'll go with aerobics.  If it wasn't so cold and wet I would go for a 4 mile walk/run.  <--- End of trying to calculate how to get a net of 900 or less.  So tomorrow, my parents are going to go to a church to eat.  I'm not going because I don't like chicken and noodles (never have) and it's home made noodles (also have never liked them).  So I'm staying home, which means I can keep my intake a lot lower.  I may try to fast again.  And in other news, D is pissing me off.  He said he would call me back when he got home.  He got off the phone so he could drive home, so it should have been like 10 mins tops.  He still hasn't called me and he has his phone turned off.  He is pissing me off.  Well, time to do some (a lot) of aerobics.


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