Saturday, April 23, 2011

My daughter has been keeping me busy.  My parents and I took her to an Easter egg hunt.  Then my mom and I took her to another one.  My arms are tired from carrying her and picking her up.  I've probably eaten 550-600 calories so far today.  I need a good workout, but I can't until my daughter goes home.  I don't have to much to say.  I saw a girl I went to school with at one of the Easter egg hunts.  She had a baby like 3 months before me.  She used to be tiny.  Like 5'6-ish and like 115 lbs.  Not like really tiny but she was small.  She was really pretty. I had heard that she had gotten big.  She has gotten really big.  Like she probably weighs 160-ish now.  Like big.  Like she's big enough that she isn't really pretty any more.  She had a boy.  He's kinda chubby for his age.  I think any way.  He looked a little shorter than my daughter and like 5 pounds heavier.  5 pounds doesn't seem like much but when it's between to 1 year olds that are like 33-inches tall, it's quite a bit.  And at the other Easter egg hunt, I saw one of my exes.  He's lost weight.  He used to be like normal.  He wasn't skinny.  He had muscle but wasn't like buff.  Then he had gained like 30 pounds.  Not muscle though.  It was all fat.  He was not even semi good looking then.  Now he's lost like all of that fat.  His arms looked like they were stronger than they used to be.  Thank whatever you believe in that his wife was with him.  I didn't want to have to talk to him.  He would never think about talking to me if his wife was around.  She's a psycho bitch.  She's also 10 years older than him.  He looked at me and gave me this look.  Almost like he wanted to talk to me.  He hasn't seen me since like October?  Something around then.  I was like 150 pounds then.  So now I weigh 30 pounds less.  His wife is still just as fat though.  She's never been pretty.  Even if she lost 50 pounds (which she needs to) she wouldn't be pretty.  I think I at least have potential.  I just need to lose weight and dress my body properly and learn how to use make-up.  I have dark circle under my eyes.  It's hereditary unfortunately.  And I'm just not that pretty.  I can be with make-up.

I suppose I'll just leave it at that.  I started to write a post, then realized I had nothing to say and deleted it.  Then I started writing again.  And I couldn't finish.  So I'll just end this here so it's done.  I don't like starting a post and coming back later because I never remember what I said.


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  1. just wondering- how tall are you? Your weight at my height is pretty thin, but I'm not sure of your height so its hard to put what you're saying into context.