Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So last night my stomach was trying to kill me.  I was going to have a pepto latte (just a dose of regular pepto bismuth but for whatever reason my sister started saying pepto latte and for whatever reason now I am too) but I couldn't find any.  So I suffered.  And I was in the bathroom a lot.  And now I'm 116 pound this morning.  I did manage to buy a gallon of diet green tea with citrus (0 cals) and some sugar free drink mix (0 cals) and sugar free pudding (60 cals) and more vitamins.  Wasn't completely bad.  If my parents ask why the tea is diet, I'll say there wasn't any regular (lie but oh well) and the drink mix is sugar free because that is all there was (true but I also wanted 0 cals).  I still have a bad cough from when I was sick and a stuffed/runny nose (which could be allergies).  D is coming over later.  I'm kind of excited.  It's supposed to be nice out today.  Hopefully I can get in a lot of walking or some sort of exercise.  D likes soccer so maybe I'll attempt to play soccer.  I haven't eaten yet today.  I'm thinking some milk for breakfast and nothing else.  And yogurt for lunch.  Under 400 cals easy.  I have some stuff to do around the house before I go meet D.  Distraction from food.  Perfect.  I think I'll do some reward shopping when I get paid in a little less than two weeks.  I bought Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday cd and some sandals and the diet foods I mentioned.  I think I'll call that a reward for breaking below the 120s.  I'm like almost broke I think.  I had to get gas.  I owe my parents like $75 and I have to pay $65 for my phone.  So if I get $300 on my next check and I pay my parents back and my phone I'll have $160 and I'll spend $80 on gas.  So I'll have $80 for whatever and any money that I may possibly have left after last night.  Ok I might not be broke.  I think I'll drink some milk and figure out how much money I have left.  Then shower and clean.


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  1. you're allowed to hide in a corner&be quiet. but thanks for commenting today. i hope your allergyish symptoms leave you soon. i know how annoying that can be. cheers for 116. if you're happy then i'm happy for you. stay strong, darling.