Friday, April 1, 2011

Energy...Or Lack There Of...

I am not capable of fasting.  Mainly because I don't 100% want to and I work.  I will in fact need energy tomorrow.  A LOT of energy.  I didn't have nearly enough today.  I was hungry most of the time i was working which was fine.  But then I started to shake some.  Which made everything really difficult.  I worked for almost 8 hours straight.  No break.  I probably burned off over 1000 calories.  At least according to the 7 or so websites I checked.  I found one that said 880-ish, one that was 1100-ish and 4 or so were 1400-ish and one said 2400-ish.  That last one was crazy.  No, I don't trust that number.  I'll go with the 1100 sites and round down to 1000.  I probably burned more cals than that.  I put 420 min in for the duration instead of the 460 min that I worked.  I broke my fast because of the amount of work I had to do.  I could have waited til tomorrow to eat.  My parents went out to eat and I stayed home.  I could have fasted the rest of the day.  I decided not to.  I didn't want to be drained of energy tomorrow.  I definitely don't want to pass out or black out at work tomorrow.  I need energy. Not caffeine energy, like actual energy.  I didn't eat until about 6 pm.  I ate a can of green beans.  The whole can.  It was 70 calories.  Technically 68.5 because it't a little less than 3.5 serving but I'm going the easy way and calling it 70.  And I've had gum.  I ate a small bowl of cereal and some pretzels and a brownie and a glass of milk.  A total of about 600.  Tomorrow will be the same at work so probably burn 1000 cals and work 7+ hours.  Complete shit.  I HATE my job.  I'm really fucking pissed.


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