Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Don't Like Titles...

My current net is like 800 cals.  I didn't finish my supper because I was full.  So it's probably a little less then 800.  Breakfast probably wasn't as many calories as I'm counting either, but I'd rather be over than under with my estimations for food.  I'd rather be under than over with exercise though.  That's why I count 1 hour at work as 100 calories.  It's actually like 150 calories in an hour or something.  Supposedly any way.  So I'm hoping to burn like 100 more before bed.  I need to be in control.  I can't keep eating mindlessly.  I'm better about eating slower but that's about it.  What I really need is to live somewhere else.  On my own or with D.  As long as D gets his shit figured out.  It would be easier to lose weight.  I wouldn't have to eat because people are watching.  I could weigh myself multiple times a day.  I could purge if I binged.  I would probably be happier.  I could exercise easier.  Well, I should shower, clean and maybe do a little exercising.  Daydream ramblings won't get me very far.


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