Saturday, April 23, 2011


My height is between 5'1" and 5'5".  I was told I was 5'1" the last time someone measured my height (not quite 2 years ago).  I was only told 5'1" once.  I was told 5'5" like 4 years ago.  I really don't think I shrunk 4" in like 2 years.  My mom insists that I'm 5'3".  So it's kind of like take your pick. 



  1. I'd rather be taller than shorter!

  2. Do you know what time of day it was? Because as you sleep (or lie down) your spine stretches out and you can be couple of inches taller in the morning. Also, it can depend on your posture over time or your activities during the day (like if you do a lot of sitting it can really compress it).

    And being shorter would be WAYYY better than tall. When you are tall you feel like a giant around every one. Even if you are thin, you feel huge and gigantic and gross. And slouching just makes it worse.
    You can always wear heels and stuff to make yourself taller. You can't make yourself shorter.