Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Burned like 600 cal today.  Ate like 800 cal.  I feel pretty good I guess.  I'm tired.  Slightly sore.  My mom bought more diet pop today.  :)  I hope I can do just as good tomorrow.  But I'm not sure who will be home when so I might not be able to work out as much.  I saw a bruise on my leg earlier.  I have no idea how I got it.  I'm glad I quit the amitriptyline.  It caused me to get bruises way too easily.  I had bruises all over my knees and legs and arms and I looked horrible.  I hated it.  In a way I'm glad I had to quit going to the doctor.  It cost money that I didn't really have and the meds he gave me never really worked.  And they had to weigh me ever time I went to see the doctor.  And they would tell me I lost weight.  At some point I'm sure they would tell me I lost too much weight.  Last time they weighed me I had been about 130 or 135.  That was like December though.  I was supposed to go back like early March or something.  I would have weighed like 125 then.  I would probably be going back in like a month from now too.  And I would like to weigh about 110 by then.  I'm sure they would interfere with my life.  Tell me I need to gain weight.  The doctor put me on a med that would cause me to gain weight.  Something.  I just want to be able to lose weight without any one saying anything bad or causing me any problems.  I want to wake up and see 115.  I doubt I will tomorrow, but hopefully the day after.  I want to see 116 tomorrow.  But 117 would be ok I guess.  Not what I want, but it would be better than working my ass off just to gain.


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  1. Doctors suck. I'm lucky my mum hates them, never had to go much :)
    hope you see 115 soon :)