Sunday, April 10, 2011


I finally lost a pound.  It's been like a week.  At least I'm down.  I just need to keep losing.  I want to lose weight faster, but since I've been sick and everything, I haven't been able to work as hard as I could and should have.  I'm still kind of sick.  I worked for 4 1/2 hours, so I'll call that good for exercise today.  I just have to eat less than 1000 calories.  I will burn off any calories over 1000.  I will do it today before I go to bed.  I'm at 450 so far today.  I'm not hungry right now.  I was hungry when I was working but I'm not allowed to eat when I work. Then the hunger went away while I was working so I'm fine for now.  550 calories for the rest of the night is easily do-able and I can probably stay under 1000 easy.  Like 850.  My mom and dad are going to my dad's friend's house for supper, so I think I'll stay home.  No pizza means no calorie overload.  I don't work tomorrow so I will probably exercise some.  And clean and do laundry.  Anything to try to keep me from eating and burn some calories.  Today hasn't been exciting at all.  Since I'm under 120, I think I'll take some pictures and maybe post some.  I know I have some from my fatter days on my computer, it's just a matter of finding the right folder.  So may post again later.


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