Thursday, April 14, 2011

Up Again

I thought I my weight would be up, but i was thinking 117.  No.  I weigh 119.  Again.  This better not turn into a plateau.  I plateaued at 120.  I don't want to plateau until I'm like 114-116 range.  I work today.  So exercise.  Might take the dog for a walk or just go for a walk/run by myself.   I have a small dog.  He has trouble going to three mile walks.  He gets tired after like 1 1/2 miles.  I'm having a diet for breakfast.  Caffeine and 0 cals.  Sounds good to me.  Gonna take some diet green tea to work.  And depending on when I get off work, I might go buy some more diet pop (uh, soda...I say pop always have always will) so I have more variety.  All my mom bought last time was diet Mountain Dew.  It's not my favorite but I'll drink it.  Speaking of my mother, she wanted to know how much the little dog weighed.  I weighed him a while back and he was like 7-ish pounds.  Any way she wanted to weigh him to make sure because he needs flea medicine before he gets fleas.  So since the dog, Chunky, won't stand on the scale, someone has to weigh themself and weigh themself holding Chunky.  Then the difference is Chunky's weight.  So my mother weighed 172 pounds!  FAT!  She's 5'6" and overweight.  But you could tell that by looking at her.  I will never allow myself to be that big unless I'm pregnant.  I reached 175 when I was pregnant, but my baby weighed over 10 pounds.  Any way, I'm back to being in a decent mood.  If it wasn't for me working, I would be painting or something.  I've been trying to do artsy stuff again.  I kinda quit for like two years.  I mean I did some stuff but not a whole lot.  At one point I was really into photo editing.  But I quit for whatever reason.  Probably because I started fighting with my ex and everything started going to shit.  And rant will begin here --> D decided to surprise me yesterday.  He came to town and didn't call me until he was in town.  He didn't know where my house was.  So I was pissed.  My mother wasn't too happy either.  And he only stayed for like 45 min.  It was really pointless.  I was really depressed the whole time.  I didn't want him there.  All he did was say that I need to understand.  WTF?  More like HE needs to understand.  I don't do surprises for one thing.  I told him that too.  And I had to deal with a million questions from my parents after he left.  D never calls or texts when he says he will and never shows up on time.  It really pisses me off and makes me depressed and he doesn't seem to understand that.  He was supposed to text me when he got home.  Well, 45 min after he should have texted me he texts me.  He was supposed to text me at 7.  I told him to before he left.  He said ok.  He doesn't.  Go fucking figure.  I want to like purge him out of my life, but I can't.  Because I'm so fucking stupid.  Why does the world hate me?  <--End Rant.
Well, I have to finish getting ready for work.


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