Saturday, April 30, 2011

I worked until 1.  Since it was my last day my boss brought in donuts.  I ate one with white frosting.  It was probably 350-400 calories.  I hope less but I don't know.  I ate Greek yogurt for breakfast (140) and about 30 min ago I had carrots (35).  I also had two chocolate covered coffee beans (21) So right now I'm probably at 596.  Might as well just call it 600.  I'm a fat ass.  Work probably burned 300 calories.  I wasn't very hard or anything.  I filled out an application for Lowe's yesterday.  Hopefully they will call me.  It's a seasonal job working in the garden center.  I like flowers and I guess you could say I have a green thumb.  My mother however doesn't.  She kills plants.  I bring almost dead plants back to life.  I bought one orchid that was dying for $5 and I brought it back to life.  Then a few days later I bought another one that was closer to dead for $2.50 and it's slowly coming back to life.  I grew maple trees from seeds.  I was like 7 or 8 and I took the seed out of the like helicopter shell thing and wrapped it in wet toilet paper and put it in a plastic container and put it in the sun.  Well I forgot about it and then when there were discovered they were little saplings that were like 4" tall.  We planted them and my dad mowed over one accidentally.  The other one is going really well though.  So yeah I'm good with plants.  I have two bamboo plants and 5 orchids.  I would like more orchids but I don't have any room infront of any of my windows right now.  My room needs cleaned and rearranged and stuff.  Maybe I'll do that tomorrow.  Maybe Monday.  Probably Monday.  D is going to leave tomorrow for Indiana.  I want to make puppy chow for him since he's never had it before.  And I was going to buy him a box of gramcrackers  because he likes them a lot.  Like the box has 3 packaged in it and he ate almost an entire package.  So I was wanting to give him junk food to eat.  And I'm hoping that I can be 110 or less (preferably less) by the time he comes back from Indiana to see me.  It will be like 2 weeks.  Thats like 2.5 -ish pounds a week.  I can lose that by then.  If he can't come in 2 weeks but can come in 3 weeks I want to weigh 107 or less.  I'm thinking a happy weight for me would be around 100. But of course I have no way to tell what I will look like then.  I don't like doing GWs and UGWs because with me they would change a lot.  Some people go by like every 3 pounds for GW and some people go by 5 pounds and others go by 7-10 or whatever.  And if I did that I would feel like I should give my self a reward for meeting my goals.  And rewards would cost money.  I have to be a tight ass with my money so I'll reward myself when I'm happy with my weight.  And my reward might be watching videos of how to apply makeup (I completely suck at it - other people have to do it for me or I don't wear any) and then I will start wearing makeup and then I'll go out and do something in some of my best clothes and have fun.  Maybe I'll go dancing somewhere or ask the girls that I was never really friends with in high school to go shopping/lunch/watch a movie/go dancing/partying.  Something.  I was always jealous of how pretty they were and always were doing stuff and having a good time.  They were as close to perfect as you could get.  They were skinny. A was skinny. G was really skinny (the only thing I didn't like was she would dye her hair and it would look grey sometimes).  F was average/chubby? but she was really pretty.  They were all sooo nice.  Like they would talk to me and not be bitches and everything.  I just never really saw them outside of school.  I'm not sure if I should ask A (she goes to college close to where I live - the other two went away to college so they only come around every once in a while) to go to lunch or see a movie or go shopping or something or if I should just forget it.  I can't really go shopping because I don't have that much money right now.  Maybe I could ask her if she could show me how to put on makeup since her's is always so gorgeous.  I need friends like A, F, & G.  And I don't know what I'm going to do when D leaves tomorrow.  I'm going to have no friends to hang out with.  Nothing to do.  I can go for runs and walks if the weather ever gets decent.  I'm already going to be exercising like crazy on the days I'm home along now.  I want to do MMA.  Maybe I can build up the endurance and strength and speed to actually start practicing after I find a job.  Can't afford the gym with out a job.  I should quit rambling.

Welcome new followers if I haven't welcomed you already.  Everything gets jumbled in my mind and it doesn't always come out the way it should.

Thank you for your comments.  I feel like I'm neglecting my followers.  Like I never welcome them on time and I don't respond to comments most of the time.  I think I need to respond more.  If there is something you would like to do to this blog to make it more enjoyable to read just leave a comment.  If you think I should ask A to hang out/go to lunch or something leave a comment.  If you want more thinspo or pictures of foods I eat or what I look like currently let me know.  Fewer people have been reading and I would like to have more people read and follow and comment and such. If my blog was good more people would follow and comment and such and I'm just trying to improve  it.  I'm trying to get a way from the morning after work and night posts with the occasional one or two in between.  So comment and let me know how many times a day I should post or how often I should (1x/week, 2-3x/week, ect)  I want to make this something people want to read and right now I feel that they don't because my life is boring I post too much I post the wrong stuff,ect,ect,ect....  So yeah...Comment on any of my many ramblings.


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  1. I read :) and if you want to put a picture of what you look like up I would like to see :)
    I think if your feeling lonely and want to go and do something with friends, just think of something that first cost much money :) I usually go walking or to the beach (when it's hot enough) with mine, because non of us can really afford anything else and it's just as fun :) A would probably be really flattered if you asked her to teach you how to do makeup!
    Lottie x