Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm sorry.  I've neglected to welcome the new followers.  So welcome.  I just start in typing my rants and thing and end up completely distracted and never do what I meant to.  I got a little distracted earlier and didn't finish my diet before work and didn't have time to get some green tea to take to work.  So I'm finishing my diet from this morning now.  I had gum while I was working.  I don't think I'll count gum calories because I probably use more than 5 calories chewing the gum so it would all cancel out.  I had a Greek yogurt when I got home.  170 calories.  I should have had something with fewer calories but that only puts me at 170 calories for the day and it's 1:30.  I'm thinking I can keep it under 500 cals today.  I'm thinking about taking Chunky for a walk and then going to Iowa.  I need some jeans that fit.  I've got like 3 pairs from when I weighed 155 and like 3 pairs from before I got pregnant.  I weighed like 125 then.  So I would like to get rid of the ones from when I weighed 155 so I think I could use a couple of new pairs of jeans.  Although, I have considered waiting until after I get paid again.  I get paid in like 11 days.  So in 11 days I can probably lose a few pounds.  I could wait and go then and I might have some more money.  Maybe I'll go twice.  I think I'll go twice.  More walking that way and more time away from food.  I say the work think a lot.  I just noticed that.  Well, my mother is home so I should go.


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  1. thanks for the recipe site, its amazing! really good ideas too. I might try to cook more and include a lot more veg. :)
    how are you? x