Sunday, April 17, 2011

I didn't have time to post earlier.  I post too much anyway.  None of it is ever important really.  I worked until like 3:45.  It sucked.  I hate my job.  I'm going to quit tomorrow.  I don't care if my mother doesn't want me too.  That place is driving me insane.  I came home and cut today.  I was that pissed from work and everything.  I need a new job.  I don't have time to find one with my work schedule.  So if I quit I can actual focus on something besides a job I hate.  I don't care if I have a few days off between jobs or not.  It just has to be a new job that I don't hate.  I've felt sick most of the day.  I had coffee and green tea and some milk.  Probably like 100 calories tops.  I'm gonna try to fast the rest of the day.  I'm going to tell my parents I don't feel well and shower and go to sleep.  I'll weigh myself tomorrow.  I'm not going to be able to today.  I hope I've lost something.  Even just 1 pound.


P.S. - My parents made me eat supper.  I purged most of it.  No more food.  I don't want any.  I'm too depressed to eat.  I'm too depressed to do anything really.  I cut some more and I don't feel any better.  FML.

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