Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I ate a 4-oz Greek yogurt for breakfast as planned.  I worked for not quite 2 1/2 hours.  And then I went to the store to get food.   I bought carrots (hoping I can manage to eat them and keep them's been a while since I've had them and I'm not pregnant now so I should be ok...I hope...) and fresh green beans (never had them fresh really and I kinda want to try them.  I've had canned but I've been told fresh tastes better) and green peppers (2) and I found won ton wrappers (not so good...) and mozzarella cheese (not so good...) and canola oil (not so good but I don't know anything else to use when cooking to replace the oil) and a tv dinner like thing (not good but I'll probably purge it after I eat it) and a diet.  So now I'm drinking the diet and eating carrots.  I can eat the whole bag and it's less than 200 calories so that's not bad at all.  I probably will eat like half the bag and call it my lunch and maybe eat broccoli for a snack or something.  And since my mom is helping my sister move her stuff out of her apartment and my dad is working, I'm going to have quite a bit of time to exercise.  Today is looking like it will be a good day.  I just have to avoid the not so good things I bought.  Shouldn't be hard.  I'll probably freeze the cheese and won ton wrappers and not cook/bake anything today.  And I'm not eating the tv dinner thing tonight because my parents won't be around.  If my sister is around I'll just eat cereal or something with fewer calories.  Now to get out of my work uniform and weigh myself (just for it to say 118 yet again...It said 118 this morning) and maybe exercise.


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