Thursday, April 21, 2011

I worked til about 12:45.  So I probably burned like 300 calories.  I'm going to have a baked potato if it ever gets done.  It's been an hour at 400 degrees and it needs like another 30 min.  So I probably won't be snacking. I bought a diet Pepsi.  Well, it was my mom's money.  She had me buy some stuff after work.  So lunch will probably be 300 calories.  Breakfast was like 200-250.  So today has the potential to be good.  My sister and my mom are dying Easter eggs.  I might bake some cookies later.  I'm going to make them like bite-sized.  So hopefully I will consume fewer calories.  Haven't been able to weigh myself.  Sorry this is so jumbled.  My mom and sister have been wandering around the house so I have to hide this and then when I get back to it, I forget where I am.  My daughter is coming Friday afternoon/night and leaving Saturday afternoon.  So I'm hoping I can avoid food.  I'll probably post later


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