Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I'm sick.  I feel horrible.  I feel like it's 150 degrees in the house even though it's only 70.  I'm sweaty.  I'm not really hungry which is good.  But I'm sweaty.  My throat hurt.  My nose is stuffy.  I've been coughing.  I've been sneezing.  I have no energy.  I want to sleep.  Like all day and night for the next 3 days.  But I can't.  I don't work tomorrow, which is good.  But I work the day after that.  And I have some things to do tomorrow.  Tea and meds.  That's what my life will consist of for the next few days.  Maybe I'll be lucky and I will lose weight from this sickness.  I had 260 calories for breakfast.  Yogurt (80) and a protein bar (180).  Gum (5) for like the first hour of work.  After work I had milk (160), a donut (300?) and some mini peppermint patty things (220).  Took some pills and attempted to sleep.  Had some cereal (200) and more mini peppermint patties (220).  Now some tea (0).  A total of 1365.  I'm really hoping I over-estimated.  That's a shit load of calories.  I probably only burned off 200 while I worked.  Probably gonna watch a movie and go back to bed.  I'm thinking 500 calories tomorrow.  Being sick I can probably pull it of pretty easy.  Soup and tea and pills.  Maybe a bowl of cereal.  No exercise.  I definitely won't feel like it.  Friday at work will be bad.  I know I will still be sick.


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