Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pizza = Fat

Welcome to the new followers.

Apparently my dad had to go to the high school prom tonight.  So that's where he ended up going.  My mom ended not going anywhere.  There was like no food to eat so she ordered a pizza.  Great.  Fat me had to eat some.  Two HUGE slices.  I probably don't even want to know how many calories.  I'm thinking about fasting tomorrow.  I'm going to at least try.  I'll have milk for breakfast, then after that 0 cal liquids only.  I'll try to avoid supper.  I might have to eat though.  Monday I'll try to fast all day.  Only 0 calorie liquids.  I won't be 115 by Monday like I want.  The pizza just ruined it.  I want to purge.

Aye Ell - For shopping in the QC there's North Park that you said you went to and there's South Park on the Illinois side.  Moline I think.  Then there's Iowa City.  It kind of depends on what stores you like.  There isn't too much around here.  At South Park there are other like little strip malls around it.  I think South Park mall is bigger.  I'm not completely sure though.  I haven't been to Iowa City for like 10+ years so I don't really know what it's like.  I live about an hour south of the QC, so I usually go shopping in Burlington.  It's quite a bit smaller.  I've never been to Coralville.


  1. pizza is such a weakness for me
    then again who doesnt love pizza
    and if a full tummy tonight enable you to fast tomorrow itll be fine :)

  2. Thanks! I've been meaning to check out Iowa City. Coralville is just on the other side of it but I just found out there are Tanger Outlets in Williamsburg and Tanger Outlets are always good!