Monday, April 11, 2011


Down another pound!  I've had about 300 calories so far today.  Sugar-free Jell-o and a cinnamon roll.  And I'm drinking a diet now.  Diets usually make me lose my appetite and it takes me like an hour to finish one.  I don't like the carbonation but I drink them anyway.  I've got some laundry and cleaning to do to distract me from food.  Probably head over to Iowa around 2 pm and look for a swimsuit (not a bikini because no one wants to see my fat and stretch marks - I want a one-piece cut out one in pink - my favorite color ever since I was pregnant before that I used to hate the color) and maybe just do a little shopping to reward myself for breaking my plateau again.  I re-weighed myself last night if I didn't mention it in my last post and it said the same thing it said yesterday morning (119).  I was happy to see 118 this morning.  Gonna try to stay under 750 cals today.  450 left so it shouldn't be a problem.  I'm in a good mood.  I was going to bake earlier (meaning I would end up putting high calorie baked goods in my mouth), but there wasn't enough butter (yay!), so I couldn't.  I wanted cookies but one cookie would have been 130 calories.   And I eat like 3 at a time.  Good thing there wasn't enough butter.  I'm hoping I get to 115 before I plateau again.  I know I'll plateau again, I always manage to.  But once I break it, I drop like a pound a day for like 3 days.  Sorry for the ramblings and randomness.  Just kind of hyper and happy and stuff.  Well, I got laundry and cleaning to do.  Gonna try to get in some exercise too.


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