Monday, June 27, 2011

You know that little "stats" tab?  If you click on it, it tells you how many times you blog has been looked at.  Well, that's how I know people aren't reading.  I know some people have been reading but I have a lot more followers than readers.

And I'm not having a good day at all.  Last night I was in a pretty good mood, but that all went to shit.  And now today is just bad too.  I weighed 115 at like 9:30 and then around 11 I weighed 116 after only having 1/2 cup of coffee and going for a walk.  It only makes me feel worse.  1/2 cup of coffee does not weigh 1 lb.  I want to give up.  I'm sick of being so fat.  It makes me even more depressed.  I was going to wear skinny jeans today but I just feel too fat and awkward in them.  My life is boring.  I see no need to ramble about nothingness and my boring life.  I've already written more than enough as it is.

Pictures decided to be a bitch to upload so you get 9.  I selected them and hit upload and then only like 3 would upload and then I had to find the ones that didn't upload and try again and then not all of them would upload and yeah... So 9 it is.



  1. Don't worry too much about it. I'm sure it is just water weight. I swell when I workout, weirdly. Tomorrow you WILL weigh less. Don't binge because you're down, stay strong and stick with it. And lovely pics by the way :)

  2. Try not to stress the random gains through the day. I get strange ones too. I hope it all came off by morning though, I love the pics. I always read when I see you pop up on my recent feed, but I've been sucking at commenting.

  3. Yeah. As the lovely Samzi has said...don't stress about the random gains! They all suck either way. >___< you're not fat at all, my love!

    You've been doing great. Your intake has been great. The scale's the enemy. -___- it's insane it is!

    And I'm also with Samzi on the sucking at commenting bit. I nearly almost have no idea what to say most of the times!

  4. My page views have gone down loads recently too, but I think a lot if people are taking a break from blogger and some people just check in now and again, because they have so many to follow. Dont take it personally, it's nothing to do with people not wanting to read you :)
    You gain weight through out the day - I have no idea why - but it should be gone by tomorrow :)
    Stay strong,
    Lottie x

  5. i love your blog, read it always and i certainly do not find your life boring:)i know how depressing it can be when you weigh yourself several times throughout the day, i do it like 5 times a day unfortunately. i can barely eat and drink now without thinking about the amounts and how they will show on the scale. i tried to stop weighing that often but barely succeed:( i hope you can do it though:)) stay strong,lots of love!

  6. I don't think your life is boring and i love your blog :)
    Don't stress out about that 1 pound. It's probably just water weight, you'll weigh less tomorrow.

    Stay strong ♥

  7. Don't be down, you probably haven't gained any actual weight. How did that coffee turn into fat anyways, right?

    you're so not boring, THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE OF BORING, you're amazing and wonderful and I love your blog (:

    Don't let this take you down, you're stronger than it!
    Stay positive and don't give in <3

  8. What about reading in google reader... I always read blogs there cause it's easier. The same thing happens to me, I keep telling myself to stay away from the scale, all it does is stress me out.

  9. Ugh, random weight gains throughout the day are the devil.
    Your best plan is to stay away if you can.
    I have a lot more followers than commenters as well.
    It can get really frustrating, but I try not to let it get to me.
    I hope you feel better soon!
    Hang in there. <3

  10. Girl, you are NOT fat! Scales are just dumb and don't know what they want to be. Obviously 1/2 cup of coffee followed by a walk does not = you weighing an extra pound. ridiculous.

    you're beautiful! just keep yourself motivated with those beautiful pictures!