Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My lovely 48 followers welcome.  This isn't a typical post.  It's an idea and I want/need opinions.

I kinda want to write a book.  Well, like a journal-y type of book.  And I've tried making one from my experiences in Colorado but it has proved to be quite difficult.  And it gets even harder, the longer ago it was.  If that makes sense.  So what I kinda want to do is get a job (probably going to just go back to BK so I don't have to deal with filling out apps and going to interviews and such just to get rejected) and save up enough money to buy several journals and a train ticket to Denver (or maybe Seattle or other city that seems cool) and go there and live homelessly again for like say a couple months and then I would come back and attempt to get the story published.  I may see if a couple people I know what to go with me and do this or whatever.  Not sure yet though.  When I went to Colorado, my cousin and his/my friend were there.  They picked me up from the train station.  And friend's long-lost brother lived with them.  So all 4 of us were living in an RV in abandoned parking lots (or Wal-Mart parking lots).  I want to do something similar again.  And I want to write a book about it.  If I get set to the loony bin again, I'll write about that too.  So I guess my plan would be more for next spring/summer to leave to where ever.

So does this sound like a good idea to anyone?  Or are you all thinking that I'm completely insane?  Give me your opinions.  Anon if you wish.  Just don't be too mean.  I mean currently it is only a half-assed plan.  I realize that but I don't want to tell you all everything right now and some things I'm not sure about.  Like yeah, I know "What am I going to do about food, shelter, water, clothes, ect?" and all those fun questions need to be answered.  I just don't want to have to waste a bunch of time making crazy ass plans for something that won't ever happen.  I mean this idea could evolve into something else.  Like me recording everything with a camera like what the one guy (don't remember his name) did on MTV where he followed around a rapper and a homeless person and whatever to see what their lives are like.  But I mean journals are the current plan.  And since I have an ED it would kind of add depth or whatever to it.  I've been told by like 3 people that I should write a book but I just can't seem to because I have other things in my life that are more important but if I go out to where ever and my goal is to write a book, a book will end up written.  I would journal at least once everyday.  I would have to figure out a budget.  Like I take 10 notebooks and have X amount of $ for more notebooks.  And I would have $XX for food each week/month and $XX for clothes,shoes,shampoo,ect,ect and $X for transportations and all of that.  There's a lot that would need figured out, but I'm wanting to know if this is an idea that I should pursue.  Do any of you think I can/should do it?  Or should I say forget it.  You can ask any questions about anything that you want.  Anything about the time I spent out in Colorado the first time or anything about what I plan to do.  Suggestions are also welcome.  Please please please please tell me yay or nay or what you think or what ever.



  1. I think it sounds adventurous! I probably wouldn't do it, but more power to you :)

  2. well here is my opinion, You can do it, nothing is impossible I mean, I decided from one day to an other to just risk it and move from Florida all the way to California with my Fiancee and just drive across the whole united states to get there, it was a fun adventure, and now I am here in CA, living as a starving artist, doing freelance work surviving lol. so I guess you should go for it, I mean just make sure where ever you move you can just get some kind of job so you can pay for rent and food. u know so you can be safe in a place and you always have a place to sleep and ofcourse write, it would be an interesting journal to read since adventures like these bring a lot of crazy experiences, like people you meet, and things you see. so I say go for it you only live once, just do it in a smart way so you have always a place to sleep and food to eat. that's really the most important things. who knows maybe by doing this you meet someone and you get a job where you can eventually end up publishing your journal/book :) good luck with whatever decision you make. <3

  3. I wouldn't do it, although I am not a very adventurous person. It sounds very scary.

  4. If you want to write about it, then just do it. It doesn't matter where you get your inspiration from, just do it the way you feel like suits you. :)

  5. It sounds like one of those things I wish I had the balls to do. Obviously you need to think it through but why not? As previously said, you only live once!