Tuesday, June 7, 2011

So tomorrow morning is the interview.  It will be like 95 degrees (again) tomorrow.  I'm hoping I don't sweat all of my make up off and end up with raccoon eyes before it.  So since it will be hot, would it be ok to wear my hair up in a simple ponytail for the interview?  Or should I leave it down?  After the interview my hair will without a doubt go up into a ponytail if it isn't already.  And there is a very good chance make up remover will be going with me so I can take off the make up before it melts off.  The air conditioner in the car doesn't always work so I'm hoping it at least mostly works on the way there so I don't show up completely sweaty.

Because of the interview, I will be neglecting blogger until at least the afternoon.  I've been lazy as is it is and not commenting and such.  Not like I comment too much anyway.

My dad finally put in the air conditioner last night.  I can finally exercise some without sweating too bad.  And I don't want to leave my room because my room is cool-ish and most of the house is like 100 degrees.  So going to get food means venturing into the heat.  So I'm hoping that keeps me from eating as much.  I was really cold last night because of the air conditioner.  I woke up and had to go find another blanket.  I'm hoping to get in at least 90 minutes worth of exercise during the day.  Not all at once.  I'll probably do like three 30 minute sessions or something.

My sister's cat is annoying the fuck out of me.  She keeps licking me (face, arms, hands) and biting my hand and such.  I had a hair tie on  my wrist and the cat decided to try to bite it off and bit me in the process.

I weigh the same today.  Disappointment.  But I ate more than I should have so I guess it's good I didn't gain. I want to be 114 already.  My plan for today is eat a larger breakfast (I had 1/2 cup whole wheat pasta and 1/2 cup black beans and 1 cup tea) and then hopefully lunch and supper will be smaller and there will be no snacking.  I think I'll have carrots (35) and broccoli (25) for lunch.  Supper is supposed to be French toast.  Not a good thing.  High calorie foods are never a good thing.  Each slice is about 100 calories and then butter and syrup will add like another 100 or something ridiculous so I think I'll try to skip the butter and go light on the syrup.  We have a strawberry patch.  It's really small this year because my parents didn't clean the weeds and such out last year so a lot of the plants died but it was kinda getting out of control anyway.  So they strawberries are starting to get ripe and my mom went out and picked the ripe ones.  There was maybe 3 cups worth of strawberries.  So what does my mother do with the strawberries?  She cuts ALL of them up into slices and puts them in a bowl and then dumps SUGAR on ALL of them.  I'm a big fan of strawberries but there is no reason to dump sugar all over them.  The strawberries were sweet enough.  When the raspberries (we have raspberries - black and maybe red if they aren't all dead - I haven't looked - too) are ripe she better not dump sugar all over those too.  There is no reason to add sugar to something that is already sweet.  It's fucking annoying.  I hate it.  Healthy food made unhealthy so I can't/won't eat it.  >:(

I should do something productive.  Like shower before it gets super hot or exercise or wash the dishes or something.  I need to do all of those things.  Not sure what order to do them in though.  Should probably do the dishes first though.  Then I'm not sure.  I should read and comment on blogs too but I'll do that after I shower and do dishes and do at least 30 minutes of exercising.


  1. Good luck at the interview! And you could put your hair in a bun, that's always professional :]

  2. good luck with the interview, kes!

  3. Wear your hair wavy/scrunched (with just a tad of mousse in it) so you can wear it up on your way to the interview, take it down during the interview, then back up after the interview. lol.

    Or Clytie is right, a bun always looks nice. Or you could curl it then put it in a ponytail. I feel like just a simple pony tail makes it look like you didn't try. That's just me, though. If you do a simple pony, at least do a cross-over braid on top.

    Like that, but with a ponytail instead of it being down.

    Sorry, hair, fashion and makeup are totally my thing. lol.

    Any why would your mom put sugar on the freaking strawberries?! That just seems extremely ignorant! Not that your mom is ignorant, just the thought of putting sugar on something with natural sugar seems... um... yeah.

    Anyway, good luck with the interview! i'm sure you'll do great!!

  4. I think you should pull your hair up. That way if you start to sweat it wont mess up your hair.

  5. Hey, good luck yeah!:) And tnx so much for reading my blog and commenting - means alot!<3 yep the secret is neer giving up. Your words strenghtened me, actually.. It gets more real when you hear (read) it from someone else.. not just myself saying "never give up" to myself..

    How many colories do you eat a day? (I tried the 1000 calories a day in 2009, and then I was training too.. worked pretty well:))

  6. Break a leg in your interview tomorrow!
    Totally agree about the healthy food thing!! It's like nature gives us this wonderful beautiful and healthy food that is perfect in and of itself and then humans go and screw it up!

  7. Good luck with the interview! Don'r be too mad at your mum, she probably didn't do it to make you mad lol! Putting sugar on strawberries draws out the sourness in them.