Saturday, June 18, 2011

I ate like a fatass yesterday.  My mother decided to ask me (as I was eating none the less) if I had eaten today.  Yep.  I had eaten pasta, chicken strip things, cake, hot fudge, and M&Ms and maybe even more than that.  And that was at like 2 pm.  She says it looks like I've lost more weight and that I'm "really skinny".  Then she was like "Doesn't she look skinny [Father]?"  and he was like meh.  I swear she wants me to be overweight again.  Or something.  My BMI is healthy.  19.3.  Healthy.  "Normal" and whatnot.  Or at least according to yesterday's weight.  I can't weigh today because my parents are around.  I weighed 115 last night with food in me.  I would have expected to weigh more than that because I would have guessed I had more than 1 lbs of food in me.

I was going to put up progress pictures but blogger seems to think that it is a good idea to piss me off.  I try turning them and then on disappears and I end up with two of the same picture only one of them is turned and one isn't.  And then it wants to make them short and fat and it takes forever to load them.

My mother seemed to think it was a good idea to piss me off and eat LOUDLY in my ear.  And then I say something NOT mean about her eating in my ear (my dad was trying to show me a video at the same time and my mother decides she just has to watch it too while eating right next to my ear).  And she snaps at me that "It's A BANANA" and I'm like I can see that it's a banana but you're still eating it and your in my ear.  Even simple not loud foods become loud and disgusting when my mother eats them.

Three Days Grace tonight and I have to find a father's day present for my father yet.  So I'm going to leave at like 4:30 so that I can avoid food from hopefully like 3 until like tomorrow around say 9?  I see no reason to eat.  I'm fat and I need to lose weight and I'm hoping to be able to weigh myself tomorrow night.  But I'll have food in me then.  I probably can't weigh in without food until Tuesday morning.  Even that is kind of questionable.

The jeans I decided to put on this morning or like 2 or more sizes too big.  I think I'll change to another pair.  I feel awkward wearing these jeans with a belt because there's so much extra room that it bunches up and looks all weird.  I weighed like 155 when I bought then though.  Size 5/6.  Stupid vanity sizing.  "Smallest" jeans I own I think.  According to the numbers.  Although I might have one size 5 pair.  Not sure.  I think most are size 7.  And 7s are too big.  At least for most brands.  I need a job so I can buy jeans that fit.

The pictures decided to go on the bottom today.  The last picture isn't all that great.  Some of them aren't that skinny.



  1. Ugh, I hate the noises people make when they eat.
    It drives me insane. :\
    Have fun at the concert tonight; I bet you will have a blast!
    I hope you have a wonderful day today; you deserve it!
    Stay positive, stay beautiful! <3

  2. blogger is so moody about pictures!! hope you're having a brilliant day!