Thursday, June 9, 2011

Depressions a bitch.  Can I just leave it at that?  Yep.  Hopefully I'll be too depressed to eat. The thought of eating isn't too appealing.  I guess that's the only good thing.  Other than that I have nothing good.  I'm a loser and a failure and worthless and fat and ugly and you get the idea.  I may not blog for a while.  My life is boring and I'm too depressed and yeah.  All I want to do is cry and I really don't want to.  I'm too depressed to cut.  I'm too depressed to even want to think about attempting suicide.  Do I have anything to look forward to?  No.  Am I going to look for something to look forward to?  No.  Am I going to spend excessive amounts of time doing nothing but sitting in my room being miserable?  Most likely.  I've had over 100 pageviews today.  Am I currently happy/excited/any sort of positive emotion?  No.  I was happy/surprised/excited/ect earlier.  I'm too depressed now to even give a fuck.  I'm off to go be miserable.



  1. You can't stop writing - look at how many people are following your journey and are completely inspired by you. Besides, writing is good for your soul. It helps you release pain and stress without having to worry about annoying anyone. lol.