Sunday, June 19, 2011

Couldn't weigh in this morning.  My parents were around.  I have food in me now.  I weigh like 116-ish.  I didn't really pay too close of attention to what it actually said.  I just knew it was more than I wanted.  But the food sitting in me would throw things off.  And I feel like I'm bloated-ish and retaining water and maybe slightly dehydrated.  I know excuses, excuses.  Today has been pretty uneventful.  I'm tired.  It makes it hard to focus/concentrate.  So progress picture.  Kinda blurry, but since blogger is mean and won't let me turn them I put the two together and made a page thing and it ended up quite low quality.  Maybe I should have used a different file type.  It loaded easy so it really doesn't matter.  And my stomach looks gross no matter what.  I think it looks less gross as a lower quality blurry picture though so it's ok.

Like I said gross stomach.  I think I need weigh like 95-97 lbs to look decent.  D says 97 is too little.  He says 100 is ok though.  J says 100 too.  I know I won't be happy at 100 lbs.  I doubt I will ever be happy with my weight.  I doubt I will ever have a good relationship with food/eating and such.  Anyway.  How about some thinspo.



  1. I feel that way sometimes... that I won't have a good relationship with food/weight. I have been struggling for 10 years. Sometimes the feelings subside and I can live a normal life, other time it comes swinging full force. It gets tough.

    Your body looks lovely! Your legs are just to die for! Keep up the amazing work sister, you can do it!!! <3

  2. you're looking awesome! that's great that you've made it this far. :D

    love the third and sixth pictures.

  3. love the thinspo with the girl in the car with the short shorts... oh some day :)

  4. I play classical guitar. I haven't played much lately but would like to start again. I've also taught myself a little. I was just trying to find a nice background for my picture so I took it in my "art studio" (aka a little room I've dedicated to painting, music, and other hands on projects:D) I can't play in front of other people because my hands shake seriously like a couple of inches; but I love playing for myself and singing. It really helps me destress. My current guitar is badly cracked, but it still plays okay. You should totally keep learning-there are lots of options besides creepy guitar video guy:D I learned a lot by listening to songs and looking them up online or on Youtube.

  5. You look great, just keep going till you feel comfortable though. x

  6. You look amazing no matter what.
    I'm SO SO SO jealous of the gap between your legs *pouts*. and your skinny belly o:
    aah some day...
    lovely thinspo
    Good luck, stay persistent!

  7. you look so good kes! i'm motivated to work towards legs like yours! <3

  8. ^^^ I agree. You're legs and arms are amazing! Keep up the great work!!! :)