Sunday, June 12, 2011

Gianni - There's a 6 month waiting period before a divorce can be finalized in Illinois no matter how it is filed.  And to use irreconcilable differences we have to be separated for 6 months before no matter how we file.  So we have to have another reason.  It's quite complicated because D will be living in Iowa after he comes back from Indiana so we will be living in different states which makes everything really complicated unless he uses an Illinois address up until a divorce is over with and then changes his address afterwards.  And there are a few other things that would make it difficult and lawyers would make it a lot easier.  Lawyers are more expensive I know but it would be a lot easier.

I weighed somewhere between 116 and 117 today.  The scale said 116 twice and 117 twice and was in between once.  I think.  It's hard to remember when you weigh yourself 5x and are more focused on hoping for 115 than anything.  I guess it could be worse.  My mother went to Iowa and brought home food for supper.  She brought be a bake potato with broccoli and cheese and a shake.  Had to have been about 1000 calories to go along with the 1200 I already consumed.  Didn't exercise much yesterday.  I'm going to take the little dog on a short walk when I'm done writing this.  My throat isn't as sore but my muscles are getting sore.  Like the sickness has settled into my muscles.  Or maybe I just slept wrong.  Who knows.  I hate D... I'll save ranting about him for another time.  I need to take the dog for a walk and me pissed + walking the annoying little dog who has to pee on everything he sees = me extremely pissed and having a mental breakdown.  Talked to J some.  Backhanded compliment from him.  Thanks...  Apparently I'm smart...when I try to be.  Apparently I'm stupid the rest of the time.  I know I've done some stupid things and don't always think things through, but I'm pretty sure that I was the one who graduated from high school 1 year early, not him.  And I was the one who had a scholarship for paid tuition to a college (just a juco but better than nothing).  And I was the one who placed in the top 5 for WYSE sectional engineering graphics.  I have never taken an engineering graphics class (let alone a computer class) and I was in the top 5 for it.  Engineering graphics wasn't even taught at the school I went to.  I can navigate through certain places with only a partial map (went through Denver with a map with only 1/3 of the streets marked and can get through the Quad Cities with a map of just 1 out of the 4 cities).  I know I'm not losing weight the "smart, healthy" way, but I'm pretty damn sure I know more about nutrition now that he ever will.  If someone wants to insult my intelligence, they better be hella smart.  J is smart but he isn't that much smarter than me.  Ok, I think I'm done ranting (for now).  Time to take Chunky for a walk.


I'm trying to reorganize everything on my computer so I can post thinspo and such.  It'll take a while though.  I haven't defragmented my computer for like ever (I think it's been over a year) and it's been defregmenting since last night.  It's been going like 13 hours.  Apparently I should defragmant more often.

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  1. Illinois, Indiana and Iowa. He must like the "I" states. haha.

    Sorry, bad joke.

    That sucks about the divorce stuff. Such bullshit. I mean, if you want to divorce, who are the courts to make you wait? It's none of their damn business.