Thursday, June 2, 2011

A not so depressing post...

I'm pretty sure my tummy was hurting because I was full and ate a lot of sugary foods.  As in 35g sugar and 15g sugar alcohol. That was in like 5 minutes.
I wouldn't call QuickTrim a piece of shit (at least not right now) because I think it is working it just has a side effect of feeling sick.  I don't feel sick anymore and it probably shouldn't be taken as it says at first because most people can't handle it.  How well it's working I don't know.  Since I didn' gain today I think it is working.  I ate 2500+ calories and burned maybe 500.  2000 calories has always caused me to gain before.  So I think the QuickTrim has quite a bit to do with that.
So I saw this thing about tabata training.  Basically it's another form of HIIT (high intensity interval training).  You do an exercise for 20 seconds pushing as hard as you can and then you get 10 seconds of rest and then 20 seconds of exercise, 10 seconds of rest.  And you do that for 4 minutes.  It's supposed to cause your body to burn a lot of calories for a long time after you are done exercising.  I may try it doing the plank pose and going from hands to elbows and back up over and over because it's really hard (at least for me) and I won't make a lot of noise doing it and I should be able to at least do squats later or go for a walk later or something.  I don't think it would tire me out that much.  I have to take my grandma to an eye doctor appointment tomorrow.  Fun...  Nothing like sitting in an eye doctor office place with nothing to do.
I will make no mention of how I am doing food wise because for whatever reason that causes everything to go to shit.  I quit posting at night because I would sometimes (a lot of times) go and put the cats in the garage (that's where they sleep at night) and I have to walk through the kitchen to do that and I would get some sort of food and eat.  Usually eating a lot more than I should.  Not a good thing.  So I quit posting at night because of that and even though I would rather post at night, posting in the morning keeps me from doing that because I know I haven't posted and would have to put that I ate 5 cookies right before bed or whatever.
If my weight is good tomorrow I will try to post pictures.  And my mom wants my daughter to come over tomorrow night and go home Saturday, which will probably happen.  My daughter's dad's mom is having a yard sale or something or other and wants her to be there for that or something so I think that's Saturday so she will be leaving Saturday (hopefully in the morning) so I hopefully won't end up gaining a bunch of weight like usual and going insane because my mom wants her over but refuses to help watch her.  It pisses me off so I'm hoping it isn't too bad and she doesn't stay too long.  My mom says my daughter can't come over for the 2 weekends after that (don't know why but don't really care what my mother's reasons are for anything) so that's why she's supposed to come this weekend.  And yeah...  May end up will a pissed off post Saturday... Or I may just try to not post until I am less pissed.  Not sure.  Just a little warning.

Random but - IDK if I mentioned (I know I have but IDK if I deleted it or not - I write a bunch and delete it - it makes me feel better and you don't have to read my pissed ramblings and you would not want to read 700384.53218150843251 posts in a day - so I know I typed it at least once but IDK if I ever published it or not) but I have a job interview on the 8th at 10:29 AM (WTF?!  Who the hell does an interview at 10:29?  Apparently Hy-Vee but w/e) and I wear make-up to interviews (which takes forever for me to put on so that it looks decent the last time I put it on for an interview it took 50 minutes) and I have this major problem with my eyelashes and mascara - I have long eyelashes so I really don't want them to look much longer so I really don't need a lengthening mascara but there need to look thicker and every time I put mascara on it looks like I cut the legs off of like 3 spiders and stuck them on my eyes.  They get extremely clumped together and and I can't ever get them to look decent and then they end up looking way too long so what I'm asking is does anyone have a video or something that will show me how to put on mascara so I don't look so odd?  It takes forever to fix it (I have to remove half of the mascara I put on with make-up remover and leave the rest but if I take too much off I have to do it all over again).  Or does anyone know a good volumizing mascara that's cheap-ish ($6-ish or less) or would false eye lashes without mascara work or what?  PLEASE help!



  1. I would stick to natural eye lashes, especially for an interview. Good luck with your interview. I'm sure you'll do great!

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  3. I use Maybelline Great Lash. I always have. It's only like $4 at Walgreens and it's the best. I've tried expensive mascara from DiorShow to Urban Decay, but nothing works as good as the Maybelline. It comes in a pink bottle with a green cap.

    I have a similar problem as you, long lashes, just not many of them/super thin. lol. And my eyelashes are light brown, so I absolutely have to wear mascara.

    Good luck with your interview! I'm sure you'll do great! My best friend worked at Hy-Vee for four years (grocery, cashier, & gas station) and loved every second of it!

  4. I use the same mascara too but the one with the curved brush instead (pink bottle and cap). If you take the brush out and wipe off some of the mascara first before putting it on, it might make your lashes less clumpy. Good luck with the interview.

  5. Personal question/comment: why don't you just sign over your rights to your daughter? It would be a lot less stressful for everyone involved that way I'm guessing.

    And I use covergirl the one in the yellow tube

    Good luck with the interview

    It's not anon, it's Displayed :)

  6. I'm note sure what brand, but the Falsies work amazing. Best mascara I've ever used. It's a purple tube with blue writing I think...

    Good luck!